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Civil Engineering:
Civil engineering,construction and sustainable urban development,materials and structures in civil engineering,engineering construction and evaluation of development projects,new technologies in the construction of urban,disaster management,climate,buildings and energy conservation,earthquake engineering,structural and geotechnical engineering in the construction industry and the destruction of all issues related to civil engineering
The place of culture in architecture and urbanism - architectural and cultural tourism - challenges of contemporary architecture in metropolises - cultural development or cultural development in the metropolis - contemporary architecture metropolis,dos and donts - tourism and contemporary architecture in 1404 - the economy,tourism,culture - German architectural and urban landscape - architectural culture,architectural culture - potential survey of urban development - German Islamic and cultural tourism - German viable and cultural tourism - development and location of the hotel in the center or suburbs - engagement in architecture,the nostalgic architectural tourism - the role of educational institutions in the development of architectural metropolis - concept of Ammar and Urban Development - ideas and new technologies in architecture and urbanism - Architecture Tzyny or concept in architecture - architecture and history-oriented tourism industry and all issues related to architecture and urbanism
Environment and Energy - Environment and biodiversity - climate change and climate - Engineering design environment - accidents and environmental crises - Planning and Land Use - Health,Safety and Environment - New technologies Environmental ( GIS,RS) - economics,law,culture and education in the environment - water and waste - air and sound - soil - waste management and recycling - environmental and science - eco-tourism and the environment


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